Oxford Academy Breakthrough Marketing Strategy

Oxford Academy is not like other preparatory schools. It is unique educational institution with its rich and long history, its continuing leadership providing young men with Individualized learning that helps to develop self-awareness and a strong growth mindset. Spiderweb Studio was brought on to help transform the marketing and communications strategy. SWS worked with the dynamic Oxford team including Phil Cocchiola and Helen Waldron and Tora Ogueri.

Our transformation included:

  • Brand Redesign including logo, messaging, conversion strategies, CRM and website
  • Website Hosting, Redesign, Redevelopment
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Design and Production
  • SEO and Competitive Plans including Google Knowledge Panel and Wikipedia
  • Security Services

SWS launches New Brand Identity for Silver Fox Software Platform

Spiderweb Studio worked with serial Entrepreneur Larry Hill on his most recent Award Winning business, Silver Fox Software. SWS provided digital marketing services to this breakthrough platform including the design and development of logo, collateral, business cards, PPT Deck and CRM template. SWS provided support to the platform launch with valuable strategic insight and guidance.

Spiderweb Studio launches B2B Perfect SEO Success Package

Spiderweb Studio launches a perfect SEO package for B2B companies that are just getting their brands strong in Social. SWS has composed a solution which fits those B2Bs that realize SEO is the new Powerhouse of  Digital. It gives companies the ability to target audiences, retain clients and build their brand for a distinct and long-lasting impact. SWS implements a program which jumpstarts their client’s Brand Voice and then delivers a program which can be supported in-house. This reduces on-going costs and improves internal engagement of the client team to support a stronger, more vibrant Integrated marketing program.

SWS Transforms SEO with Custom Digital Video for B2B Clients

SWS launching new B2B video program for clients offering customizable digital assets to grow retention and drive qualified leads. The program implements social posting, utilizing quick, targeted video shorts to engage audiences at a much higher level and can help to improve SEO by 20%. SWS helps clients to transform their social media outlets into stronger, more engaging VIDEO Channels.

Spiderweb Studio gets SMOKIN with their LinkedIn Boost Suite

Spiderweb Studio gets SMOKIN with their LinkedIn Boost Suite helping their gobsmacked clients lessen bewilderment and to move from Frozen to Fantastic. SWS has crafted their proprietary 3 Boost series for LinkedIn to move a client from Newcomer to Cracker Jack Expert. SWS helps clients think differently about social for their business and turn it their own personal marketing toolset. It should not be missed. Just connect with one of the SWS LinkedIn Cracker Jack Experts now to get your Boost Suite solution!

SWS launches Sophisticated Publishing & Marketing Channel for Herrington’s Lumber

Spiderweb Studio latest success is a comprehensive Channel Redesign and Website Redevelopment for the Herrington’s Lumber Company and Showrooms. SWS developed a sophisticated publishing engine to expedite the ongoing promotion of their many stores and showrooms.

Click here to explore the Herrington’s Lumber newly launched marketing channels: www.herringtons.com

SWS deploys leading edge TeleMetaData platform

Spiderweb Studio deploys a suite of applications for a revolutionary offering in the field of TeleMetaData for Morey Corporation’s new division TeMeDa. This includes a marketing website, mobile application, GPS membership solution, eCommerce and more. The new proprietary technology offers cutting-edge platform for both a consumer and reseller audience. www.temeda.com.

Dancing Pictures Internet Commercials exceed 7 Million YouTube Hits

SWS Strategic Partner, Dancing Pictures, produced this internet sensation for client Denizen. “Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos” has almost 7 Million hits on YouTube and featured all over the globe on media outlets such as “Good Morning America”, HBO’s “Last Week Tonight”, and NPR. C.Fitz created this spot for the launch of HELLODENIZEN’s new comedy YouTube Channel.

Click Here to View this Internet Viral Success! 

Dr. Fitzgerald Author and Adjunct for NYU Advanced Technologies Courses

Dr. Fitzgerald renews her teaching ties to New York University with a new course she has devised on Advanced Technologies. She taught for 8 years at the university and then took a short hiatus and is excited to return to this prestigious university. She enjoys challenging the students to think out of the box and to transform their ideas about the potential of technology in business today. This is the same approach she utilizes with her clients which has proven successful in providing competitive advantages in their fields with SWS solutions.

Dr. Fitzgerald presents to Global Financial Group

Dr. Fitzgerald gave a live presentation to a leading global financial group which was also streamed nation-wide on The Transformative Mobile Model. She presented the successes she has achieved for her clients in a broad range of industries (Security, GPS Tracking, Educational Lobbying and Healthcare). She shared the strategies behind establishing a clear strategic advantage with mobile channels.

Partner’s Commercial reaches 3 Million Hits on YouTube

SWS strategic partner Dancing Pictures has created a true success with its recently released commercial “Best Bus Stop Ever”. The work takes a creative and unique approach to showing how technology can impact lives. To date this video production has reached over 3 Million hits on YouTube.

Best Bus Stop Ever

SWS Launches New Mobile Business

To meet the demand of the growing Mobile Client needs, SWS has partnered with Bruce Hull to launch a new Mobile Business. The initial focus is on customized channels for all iOS and Android platforms.

BerkAppGroup realizes that all companies are unique with different needs for connecting to and communicating with their target audiences. To address this we have built a flexible modular mobile application design which can be customized to create an exciting mobile experience for your event(s). Our system lets you select the premium components to meet the needs of your community and your market so that you can grow your opportunities.

BerkAppGroup offers a full range of Mobile event solutions to connect your audiences to unique experiences which will foster strong community development, brand development and revenue growth. Our team of experts will help you create your mobile program NOW.

BerkAppGroup Sizzler

SWS forms Strategic Partnership with Dancing Pictures

Dancing Pictures

A leading international film and video studio providing creative, directing and editing services for our mobile solutions. Dancing Pictures clientele includes Fox International Channels,HBO, CBS, British Sky Broadcasting, 20th Century Fox and many more. C. Fitz and her team of talented creative and production teams cover commercials, new media, documentaries, film and reality TV. Highlights of Dancing Pictures recent productions can be seen on their website by Clicking Here.

Over the last six years, Dancing Pictures has partnered with Spiderweb Studios to produce client branding and promotional content, massive viral video campaigns and high-end digital productions for numerous Fortune 100 clients. Projects covered live-action shoots, animation, live web-streaming content and gaming apps for clients all over the world.

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