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Transforming Digital Marketing with Spiderweb Studio

Jun 25, 2024

Client: Leaping Fox Software, a burgeoning technology firm specializing in cloud solutions.

Challenge: Leaping Fox Software is an exciting startup company that has developed a plugin to enhance the adoption of by providing key features and functionality that transforms sales team’s utilization of the platform. Working with the Leaping Fox team, Spiderweb Studio is carving out a significant presence in the highly competitive tech industry. Together we are creating a robust digital identity, enhanced online visibility, and effective lead generation strategies.

Solution: Spiderweb Studio was tasked with the development of Leaping Fox Software’s digital marketing strategy, encompassing brand development, website redesign, SEO optimization, and implementation of a dynamic outreach CRM program.


  1. Brand Development and Website Redesign:
    • Objective: Establish a strong brand identity and a modern, responsive website.
    • Action: Developed a new logo and brand guidelines that reflected Leaping Fox Software’s innovative approach. Redesigned the website with a focus on user experience, incorporating SEO best practices to improve organic search visibility.
  2. SEO and Content Strategy:
    • Objective: Enhance organic reach and establish thought leadership.
    • Action: Implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy focused on high-value keywords relevant to Leaping Fox Software’s offerings. Curated a content calendar that addressed industry trends, insights, and company news, boosting SEO and engagement.
  3. Outreach and CRM Programs:
    • Objective: Streamline client communication and nurture leads.
    • Action: Integrated a cutting-edge CRM system to automate outreach and track engagement. Developed email marketing campaigns and regular newsletters to keep prospects informed and engaged.
  4. Webinar Marketing and Demo Jams:
    • Objective: Showcase product capabilities and industry expertise.
    • Action: Hosted several webinars that highlighted key features and benefits of Leaping Fox Software’s products. Participated in and won two Demo Jams, demonstrating product effectiveness in real-world scenarios.
  5. LinkedIn Campaigns:
    • Objective: Target potential clients and industry peers.
    • Action: Launched targeted LinkedIn advertising campaigns designed to maximize reach and lead generation. Utilized sponsored content and direct messaging to engage specific audience segments.
  6. Strategic Guidance:
    • Objective: Build brand awareness and lead generation.
    • Action: Provided ongoing strategic advisement on digital marketing tactics, ensuring alignment with industry standards and market demands.


  • Website Traffic: Achieved a 75% increase in organic traffic within the first six months post-launch.
  • Lead Generation: Doubled the number of qualified leads through enhanced CRM strategies and targeted LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Brand Recognition: Gained significant industry recognition, evidenced by two Demo Jam wins and increased engagement on professional platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Security: Implemented advanced security protocols on the new website, ensuring data integrity and trust among users.

Testimonial: “Spiderweb Studio transformed our digital presence from the ground up. Their strategic approach to SEO, combined with innovative CRM techniques and compelling webinar event marketing, has not only expanded our reach but also solidified our position as industry leaders,” – CEO, Leaping Fox Software.

Conclusion: Spiderweb Studio’s holistic approach to digital marketing provided Leaping Fox Software with the tools necessary for digital success for their product The Express Console. The strategic overhaul not only enhanced Leaping Fox’s digital footprint but also established a sustainable path for growth and industry leadership.

This updated case study now accurately reflects the services provided to Leaping Fox Software, demonstrating Spiderweb Studio’s role in enhancing their digital strategy and market presence.

Spiderweb Studio was tasked with a comprehensive development of Leaping Fox Software's digital marketing strategy, encompassing brand development, website redesign, SEO optimization, and implementation of a dynamic outreach CRM program.

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