Hungry Babies Adventures

Hungry Babies Adventures is an iPhone game which showcases superior animation hand drawn by our talented artists and programming rich with new challenges to discover. Master each level and compete with friends to reunite baby Louie with his Mama and become a true Hungry Babies leader.

Hungry Babies Adventures features:

  • Appetizing graphics that will leave you hungry for more
  • Over 50 different foods and hidden tricks in each level
  • Surprises and bonuses from Mama, who is always dressed to impress
  • Unknown dangers and special high-scoring foods
  • Trick shots, high arcs, multiple bounces and hot streaks for extra points
  • Leaderboards for you and your friends
  • Monthly Challenges for the Hungry Babies Community

Hungry Babies Adventures Story

Mama has lost her baby Louie, and needs your help to get him back safely and with a full belly! Join Mama, Baby Louie and the hungry baby animal friends in this exciting new Hungry Babies Adventures game. There are 5 fun filled adventures complete with unique challenges and special launchers to toss food to the Hungry babies. You simply load, pull back, aim and release to propel food to the awaiting Hungry babies. Feed Louie and his friends well and you will bring him one step closer to finding Mama.

Baby Louie is joined by a playful cast of friends, Morty the monkey, Birdie the bird, Artie the Alligator to name just a few. Feed them all to advance to the next level! Bounce food off buildings and other babies while you fill baby Louie’s bottle with the healthiest food you can. Be careful not to overfeed and watch out for exploding bubble gum, a calorific, diaper-busting cake and Artie the Alligator who is always on the lookout for a chunky baby snack.

Enjoy a free level of Hungry Babies that will leave you ravenous for more. 10% of every purchase goes to our family of charities.


Posted on

3 May 2021