Achieve used the SWS proprietary Mobile Event Platform for their solution to deploy and manage multiple event channels under one brand mobile application. The Platform offers a full range of capabilities for the organization to launch their mobile application with the intelligence to know which channels are to be served to each event attendee.

Mobile Platform Features:

  • Member Management: Members can be assigned access to event channels to which they are invited.
  • Content Management:  Our web-based CMS provides form-based interface to enter schedules, experts/speakers/talent, resources, events/assets on map
  • Agenda: Achieve can deploy Agendas and Schedules with links to Interactive Map for each event
  • Maps: Customized Interactive Maps of Event location show booths, meeting rooms, special sessions, and more.
  • Reporting: The solution can provide reporting information detailing which member is using the application and how often.
  • Marketing: Can send out Alerts to Attendees and promote products, sponsors, and events.
  • Community: Participants can email each other to support community networking and communications.
  • Member Management: SMART Login for entry for users to access multiple event channels

Posted on

3 May 2021