Triangular Health

Solution Overview:

SWS partnered with the founders of Triangular Health to create a new mobile platform focused on small physician office networks. This platform offered doctors an improved approach to manage patients and their medications. This platform was integrated with internal patient databases to deliver a smart prescribing application which also integrated with local pharmacies. SWS provided development of business strategy, product concept designs budgeting and logistics projections. SWS also provided application design and prototyping, and database modeling along with a marketing website as part of the launch of the new business and products.


Small Group physician practices and pharmaceutical companies.


Patient management and prescription platform integrated with physician office systems and local pharmacies. The platform incorporated a robust survey tool platform to collect data on sales calls, conferences, on-line presentations and patient inquiries. The latter side of the platform was sponsored by Pharmaceutical, BioTech and Medical Device corporations.

Product Design:

Designed two handheld device applications the first being a Survey Module, for understanding and studying physicians prescription patterns, and the second, a Prescription Module for the management of patient data to maintain prescription records and printout of prescription forms.