CFO Solutions Strategic SEO Implementation
CFO Solutions Strategic SEO Implementation

CFO Solutions

Spiderweb Studio designed and developed a new marketing website for CFO Solutions. We delivered an improved User Experience through an upgraded navigation, improved content organization and presentation and stronger Calls-to-Action to improve lead generation.

We provided additional functionality to the CFO Solutions team to sustain and improve the rankings in Google and other primary search engines and channels.

By providing competitive analysis and industry research to develop a comprehensive program we delivered strategic services consisting of best of breed tools for the initial and ongoing search engine submissions to increase digital brand awareness. This encompassed keyword strategy that will have the best impact on driving traffic taking into consideration competitor efforts to extract the most impact from the best keywords in CFO Solutions’ industry.

Focused on the most impactful factors affecting search success today such as:

o Voice Search Optimization resulting from the increase in mobile
o Tracking factors such as Google SERP features, along with organic results.

CFO Solutions Strategic SEO Implementation

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