Our New Mobile Business: BerkAppGroup

To mange the growing need for Mobile solutions for our clients, Spiderweb Studio has created an exciting new business with Bruce Hull, forming the new Mobile firm, BerkAppGroup.

We are a team of passionate technologists who feel that the future lies in mobile. No longer are people tied to their desks and the demands of real time information and new ways to interact with each other continues to expand. We feel mobile offers businesses a plethora of opportunities. BerkAppGroup helps to leverage mobile tools, technologies and strategies to reinvent business.

We are focused on creating real experiences for people that enable them to connect in new and more meaningful ways. Whether it is a trade show, state fair, wine tasting, conference meeting or alumni event, we offer fresh solutions and innovative approaches which align with the new communication revolution.

We are proud of our design and development teams and we try to practice what we preach. Since our solutions are all about devising a new channel for listening and relating to people. We work hard to interact with our talented ensemble by listening to their ideas and questions and by taking into account their advice.

This Promotional Sizzler highlighting the impressive features and capabilities of the BerkAppGroup event platform was directed and produced by our Partner Dancing Pictures.

BerkAppGroup – New Mobile Division

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