Solution Overview:

SWS designed and developed an on-demand streaming video symposium for ACC Scios, a leading medical conference. SWS also produced several interactive medical educational CD-ROM programs for the ACC Scios and other physician events sponsored by GE Healthcare, Eli Lilly and other prominent Healthcare companies.


Physicians, Nurses and Medical Professions

Product Success:

Interactive media tools which incorporated synchronized video with physician PowerPoint presentations for dynamic video menus and integrated Abstracts and BIOs on each presenter. Designed CD-ROM jacket and CD covers launched promotional communications plan to target physician audiences.

Product Design:

Interactive CD-ROM based on live symposiums produced and delivered to the attending physicians immediately at the conclusion of the event. Users will be able to navigate to specific section of the speech with synchronize PowerPoint slides.

Marketing Support:

Designed and produced promotional materials and email marketing strategy to keep physicians engaged and notified of upcoming events.