SWS Launches new Brand Identity for Silver Fox Software

Spiderweb Studio worked with serial Entrepreneur Larry Hill on his most recent business, Silver Fox Software. SWS provided digital marketing services to this breakthrough platform including the design and development of logo, collateral, business cards, PPT Deck and CRM template. SWS provided support to the platform launch with valuable strategic insight and guidance.

Trensant AI and Cryptocurrency Breakthrough Platform

To say that the relationship between Trensant and SWS has grown is an understatement. The journey began with Trensant to support them in the providing feedback and strategic recommendations on their new platform providing Sentiment analysis along with News and Insights all derived from their new platform utilizing a sophisticated artificial intelligence structure. Our journey then led us to the development of their new brand and web channels, marketing collateral and more for Trensant. As the business and its products have evolved, so has our partnership to support them in business development and product design... Read The Rest →

SWS Launches New Cultural Social Media Platform

Spiderweb Studio is beaming over the funding of our new social media platform targeting niche religious and cultural communities. We have developed a number of unique tools for this platform which have already proven successful in the testing of the prototype. Great things to come this year as we develop the full version and launch to our 3 initial communities. It is ramping up to be a tremendous 2018!

United States Equestrian Federation

Solution Overview: Launched a comprehensive platform using the latest membership technology to produce an environment for amateurs and professionals alike can immersed in everything equestrian. SWS led the design and develop of this equestrian community incorporating social components along with video, news, and geographical targeted equestrian event calendar. SWS employed and integrated technology from The Platform (a video assets management system) and Community Server (a community based application). Audience: Equestrian competitors and professionals, individual horse owners, amateur riders and horse enthusiasts. Product Success: A sophisticated website utilizing various equestrian content... Read The Rest →

Delahaye MediaLink

Overview: SWS designed a subscription-based application, Media Compass, providing analysis and visualization for media analysts and Pr professionals. SWS created an innovative toolset branded the Performance Grid for subscription members to use to analyze news and PR activity for their products and company. Audience: Media Communications and PR Industry Product: Conception and execution of a media communications intelligence new business market through a subscription-based product. SWS designed training, marketing and promotional tools to accompany product launch and provided client, sales and technical support post-launch. Branding: SWS developed Branding for this... Read The Rest →


Solution Overview: SWS designed and developed an on-demand streaming video symposium for ACC Scios, a leading medical conference. SWS also produced several interactive medical educational CD-ROM programs for the ACC Scios and other physician events sponsored by GE Healthcare, Eli Lilly and other prominent Healthcare companies. Audience: Physicians, Nurses and Medical Professions Product Success: Interactive media tools which incorporated synchronized video with physician PowerPoint presentations for dynamic video menus and integrated Abstracts and BIOs on each presenter. Designed CD-ROM jacket and CD covers launched promotional communications plan to target physician... Read The Rest →

Triangular Health

Solution Overview: SWS partnered with the founders of Triangular Health to create a new mobile platform focused on small physician office networks. This platform offered doctors an improved approach to manage patients and their medications. This platform was integrated with internal patient databases to deliver a smart prescribing application which also integrated with local pharmacies. SWS provided development of business strategy, product concept designs budgeting and logistics projections. SWS also provided application design and prototyping, and database modeling along with a marketing website as part of the launch of the... Read The Rest →

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