Trensant AI and Cryptocurrency Breakthrough Platform

To say that the relationship between Trensant and SWS has grown is an understatement. The journey began with Trensant to support them in the providing feedback and strategic recommendations on their new platform providing Sentiment analysis along with News and Insights all derived from their new platform utilizing a sophisticated artificial intelligence structure. Our journey then led us to the development of their new brand and web channels, marketing collateral and more for Trensant. As the business and its products have evolved, so has our partnership to support them in business development and product design and development.

Our continuing engagement has led to our creation and launch of a new CMS plugin for WordPress which puts the power of Trensant in the hands of Bloggers and online authors. Now the ability to add in relevant data, intelligence and curated content is made simple through a tool to connect the key topics to the deliverables and channels. This not only increases the value of the original content but improves SEO and credibility for clients.

And as Trensant continues to build its AI capabilities especially in the areas of Cryptocurrency, SWS is working to expand social media awareness and new client opportunities. If you are interested in adding AI to your content platform and learning more about the power of Trensant for fields like Cryptocurrency, contact us at (917) 679-0344 or [email protected]

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