Solution Overview:

Provided Strategic Consulting and Product Development across a broad range of areas to drive strategic vision for clients and to support MKG in further enhancing their leadership position in the medical communications field.


Part of the Consulting engagement was to define the primary audiences for new products we were developing in the mobile and interactive media area. The research identified physicians as the leading audience for new opportunities for MKG and Visual Alchemy (Interactive marketing division within MKG).

Engagement Success:

Development of a strategic plan to adjust the ownership of strategic product and service vision to the business owners and creative teams. The goal would be to enable these groups to take a proactive role in driving new business that aligns with the near- and long-term goals of the organization as a whole.


direction and development of new products and services for clients that would integrate into the overall plan for the expansion of business opportunities. If not already in progress, some of the areas to pursue include:

  • Mobile Channels for client target audiences and to foster new communities with education, access to subject matter experts, events, news and other valuable resources.
  • Social Media solutions for clinical trial communities
  • Innovative creative promotional programs integrating digital video networks and social media
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